using the new MAC guy like secret Lipstick ($16)
Here’s my mysterious look!

I tried to look mysterious for this photo since I was using the new $16 MAC Matte Lipstick in guy like Mystery, as well as I was shooting for sultry as well as elusive…but these are what I got instead.


Wearing the new MAC guy like secret Lipstick ($16)
Haha! I have no concept what’s going on in this picture…

I believe I may have been halfway with a “Haaay” relocation when the video camera shutter button clicked.

Yeah… difficult to tell now.


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Men like secret is one of the 22 matte MAC Lipsticks in the new The Matte Lip collection, which is en path for the long-term line as well as concerning the MAC site may 28, as well as then to MAC counters as well as stores a bit later on June 11. They’re all $16 each.

This color though! It has shown me the way… now I have come to recognize that I’m all about violet matte lips.

I’ve used similar colors before that were creamy or glossy however never a matte rather like this. I believe that the finish, since it’s matte, kind of tones down the natural brightness as well as intensity that this violet would otherwise have, to make the whole impact much more major and, attempt I state it, mysterious…

Of program I like the color since it’s ah-maze-ballz. as well as I likewise like practically whatever about the formula — exactly how smoothly it applies, the traditional MAC vanilla flavor as well as scent, as well as the six-hour wear time (when I apply, then blot, then apply again, although it’s pigmented sufficient to get away with a single layer if you don’t mind sacrificing some wear time) — however at the danger of sounding like a damaged record, or at least a stuck CD, the MAC Matte Lipstick formula is relatively drying. perhaps I notice it much more since of my lips, which are naturally dry, however it still may be something to keep in mind if you’re believing about this color or one of MAC’s other mattes.

MAC guy like secret Lipstick swatched on NC42 skin

I believe you’ll most likely likewise truly want to utilize this color with a lip liner, since when I tried it both with one as well as without, it looked wonky without.

Turns out that matte violet lipsticks are completely unforgiving (like numerous red lipsticks as well as bitter ex-boyfriends!). It needs a clearly defined limit since otherwise it looks messy.

I don’t believe you requirement to run out as well as purchase a separate matching violet lip liner, though. I just utilize a shade close to my natural lip color, in this situation hourglass Panoramic Lip liner in Eden. I line the edges of my lips very first before applying guy like secret on top (bringing the color as much as the edges of the lip liner) with a lip brush.

Sometimes I’ll stop at one layer, however if I want a bit additional wear time, I’ll blot as well as then apply a second layer. then I’ll get a deal with clean packed with a bit deal with powder as well as dust that lightly around the perimeter of my lips to take the edge off of the line as well as soften it.

PRICE: $16, one of 22 matte lipsticks in the The Matte Lip collection
AVAILABILITY: long-term collection, as well as concerning the MAC site may 28 as well as to stores as well as counters June 11
MAKEUP as well as charm blog RATING: A


Your friendly community charm addict,


P.S. pleased Tuesday. exactly how was your Memorial Day?

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