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This giveaway is closed, as well as the champion has been contacted (CONGRATULATIONS, MARIA!!!), however inspect back next Saturday for one more giveaway.

“I’m never gonna dance again; expecting feet have got no rhythm. though it’s simple to pretend, I understand you’re not a fool…”

Dude, those quickly might have been the lyrics to that song, since I youngster you not, I’m a overall klutz right now. I waddle like an emperor penguin, as well as if I stub my toes one more time… I swear…


Haha! I made myself laugh! It’s true, though.

Rise as well as shine, morning glory! happy caturday. What are you up to? I slept in a little, which my body seemed to truly like. This weekend, it’s just more of the exact same for me — the infant waiting game. She might show up any type of day now, so I don’t believe I’ll be going on any type of extremely long, solitary hikes. most likely not a great concept to get as well far off the beaten path right now, ya know? I don’t want to provide infant woman in a cars and truck or the woods.

No. That would not be ideal.


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Here at Casa de MBB, while I’m off going to to infant Girl’s needs, the interns will take over! Yes, six intrepid blogging beauties will be publishing product reviews, makeup tips as well as other fascinating things, as well as I’ll still be inspecting in from time to time, too. I’ve been working carefully with the interns behind the scenes for the past few weeks, as well as I’m extremely impressed as well as excited. We’re all in for a treat.


Have a excellent weekend, my friend, as well as I’ll talk to you soon. great luck in the giveaway.

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