The new Laura Mercier Fairy dust Eye Shimmers (five shades, $28 dollars each)
Yes, I’m picturing an unnoticeable factory staffed by countless flittering fairies who crush valuable gems with small magic hammers.

This, since of the new $28 Fairy dust Eye Shimmers by Laura Mercier.


I’m likewise thinking, “Ooh, shimmer!”

As it turns out, these loose eyeshadows are much more shimmery than glittery — like powdered pearls — so if you want bigger bits of bling, steer your tush toward metropolitan Decay, or somewhere else with mounds of glitter.

To utilize these, there’s a flat, broad clean connected to the bottom of the twist-off cap. just swipe the brush, which ought to already be packed with pigment, directly on your lids.

You can wear them on their own, mixed with other shadows, or utilize ’em as like a sparkly topcoat, by layering them on top of an already completed eye look.

Swatches from the left of Crushed Copper, Crushed Platinum, Crushed Amethyst, Crushed Lapis as well as Crushed Onyx


No, really. There’s a cooling feeling on my skin from these finely milled shimmers. I don’t understand exactly how or why that’s possible, however it is.

You understand the Pixi Fairy dust powder pigments? The ones that are $10? These are like fancy-pants versions.


Have a look as well as perhaps a swatch next time you go to Sephora. There are five shades for $28 each.

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