Wow. Overnight, we went from 80-something degrees, t-shirts and shorts to me noticing the leaves changing colors on the oak trees outside. How’d that happen?

I miss summer already. When it’s over, I always feel like I didn’t do enough outside while it was hot, like I didn’t take enough advantage of it, but I did… I’m just sad to see it go.


At least we have boots…fall boots and fall makeup and fall sweaters and fall snacks. I’m absolutely gonna be going to DSW a lot more often.

Tabs is none too pleased about the changing seasons either. His little deck garden is on its last legs. There’s just not enough sun to keep the plants happy. The cat lawn and zinnia, which are probably his two favorite things to snack on whenever he goes outside, are withering and starting to yellow, and now he nibbles on them disdainfully, as if he’s forcing down a bad salad because he thinks it’s healthy, but it’s all he has.

It’s so weird, but two days ago, this is how it looked in San Francisco. El Hub and I took the ferry in from Larkspur to enjoy the blue Angels, and it was hot! I was walking around holding a bottle of water, and now it’s 20 degrees cooler, cloudy and smells like rain. Go figure.


Cats & makeup Sweatshirt ??


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Time to shift gears to Halloween and Thanksgiving. To get myself in the ideal mindset, I like to look back through my folder of kitty modeling ad campaigns that Tabs serviced in previous falls…

With so much snacking going on this time of year, Tabs feels it’s still crucial to stay in shape…


Is fall in full effect out there? Do you like it? because I know a lot of people who like the cooler weather a lot more than summer (um…I’m just not one of them).

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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