things I do inside dressing rooms…
Have you ever inadvertently gotten makeup on the clothes you were trying on in a dressing room?

(Uh…I am absolutely guilty of doing this, as well as yes, I’m a bit ashamed.)


Even though I always do my finest to keep it from happening, often it’s darned near impossible! — like if it’s a tee shirt or a gown that’s truly difficult to handle or off.

It nearly occurred to me a while back when I was trying on a white gown at Ann Taylor. I was using a full deal with of makeup, as well as the gown I wished to try on had a extremely narrow opening at the neck.

Standing in the dressing room, I realized that there was no method I was going to get in or out of the gown without getting makeup on it…and that’s when I had an aha moment! I draped the tee shirt I was using that day, which occurred to be black, over my deal with like a veil, where it might work as a protective barrier between my makeup as well as the dress. then I slipped the gown over my head without leaving a mark on it.

Obvs, this technique works much better if your top is a dark color that won’t quickly show any type of makeup on it, as well as it likewise assists to turn the tee shirt inside out, just in situation you still get some makeup on it anyway. At least that method the makeup is on the inside, as well as not the outside, of the shirt.


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Although I left the store empty-handed that day (the gown was incredibly cute, however I understood it was a makeup magnet, as well as there was no method I’d ever make it with a day without getting it filthy or stained), at least I figured out a new life/makeup hack.


Next time you’re trying on clothes, provide it a go.

Your friendly community appeal addict,


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