1. The Sephora videos with pro artist David Razzano

He’s so easy to follow and great at describing the “why” behind everything. I also wish I could hang with him!

2. Bolthouse Farms Cucumber Ranch Salad dressing



I obliterated a bag of baby carrots while dipping them into this dressing, which is only 18 calories per tablespoon.

It’s at Target in the ‘fridge section next to the salad stuff, if you’re so inclined.

I encourage you to choose it.


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3. Lebert Equalizer Bars

These sound like a health food, don’t they? LOL! They’re exercise bars. We just started using them in HIIT class, and they’re killer and convenient for triceps dips and core exercises using your own body weight.

Just to be clear, I look nothing like this ? when I’m using these bars, LOL! half the time I’m about two seconds from falling, but I still want a pair to keep at home so I can practice. Of course I’d buy the hot pink!

4. morning has Broken

Heard this in the current episode of The Handmaid’s Tale, and it’s been it stuck in my head all week. absolutely takes me back to singing in church choir when I was young.

5. Cobra Kai

I lost count of how lots of times my brother and I enjoyed The Karate Kid. We had it on tape (yes, tape), and one summer we enjoyed it every single day.

After all these years, somebody made a sequel! It’s a fun nostalgic ride available on YouTube called Cobra Kai, and there are 10 episodes in the first season (the first two episodes are free, but then you have to subscribe to something called YouTube Red to see the rest). It picks up 30 years after the first movie…

It stars two of the original main characters — Ralph Macchio, who has apparently found the Fountain of youth because homeboy is not aging, and William Zabka, who plays his rival — and damn if they aren’t perfect.


It’s a surprisingly great show with compelling characters and lots of twists and turns. If you liked the O.G. movies, you’ll love it.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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